Tibia Elfbot

About Redbot

ElfBot is a simple tool to completely everything in the game.
This is one of the oldest and also the best so far bots in the game. Its most important advantage is the undetectable

Functions, Alerts:
Damage - Someone will hit you a Blood Hit
Disconnected - when you've been logged out of the Tibia.
Full Mana - When the level reaches a maximum mana
GM Detected - When the program detects a gamemaster screen.
Message - When you tell someone something on the channel defalut.
Moved - When someone moves you.
Player Attack - when you attack a player.
Player On Screen - when any other player appears on the screen.
Private Message - when you get a private message.
The program x-rays using the "+" and "-" all levels. Thanks to see what monsters are below you or above you.
It allows aim of the run in humans and monsters.
Types AimBot:
- Target the people in the run SD (Sudden Death), Explosion, Hmm (Heavy Magic Missile). Delete - Sudden Death (SD)
End - HMM (Heavy Magic Missile)
Page Up - Explosion
And many more...