Tibia Windbot

About Windbot

Advanced Healer allow you to personalize the treatment method of His character. As a result, your character will not die, even in extreme conditions. Concerned about stealth, bot allows for treatment at random intervals HP and mana. There are four different types of treatment: Treatment of spells, potions Treatment, Treatment and Conditional Coach Mana. In this way, you can use spells and potions at the same time, heal your character in every state (paralysis, poison, burns), or make use spells and runes to train magic level.

Cavebot system is not only simple and intuitive way of creating characters, but also allows you to manage your own waypoints in tabs. Each tab contains a list of waypoints that makes it easy to find the right sequence. Now you can turn Cavebot anywhere! Special areas will allow you to avoid dangerous places. This way, your scripts will be safe and accurate. To extend the functionality of Cavebot you can add a Lua scripts that will work only enabled Cavebot. Bot has many types of waypoints that allow you to use shovels, rope, knife, opening doors, depositing objects, dial money, etc. WindBot also has a new feature Cavebot User Options, which allows you to quickly change the settings for the script by using widgets.

Looting system has been tested in various situations. No matter whether the body is fire field, trash thrown by the player if many monsters were killed one after the other. WindBot allows you to collect more than 95% of the loot with great accuracy! In addition, make a list of items to collect is extremely simple. With carefully made-libraries, Windbot can automatically download sets of objects that fall from each monster and automatically generate a list of items to collect. Bot can also ignore the body which has such valuable items and leave them. All of these options as a few clicks of the mouse!

Using the Navigation You can chat with friends, exchange files, information, to see where at any given time on the map are your enemies and friends! In addition, it was created a unique system for tagging players as friends, enemies and neutral players. WindBot can track your messages and stored in a local database on your computer. In one simple click you can change your friend's enemy and vice versa. With optimized list of friends and enemies, and Lua scripting language, you can create your own strategy for PvP. Navigation system is still being developed and will be gradually improved!

Windbot has many many features, a waste of time to dwell, you can simply use to find out how good a bot is Windbot.

Easy To Use
WindBot is intuitive and very easy to use! Even a first-time-botter will be able to get the bot to run with just a few clicks.

High Exp/h
Because WindBot is smarter you shall get an instant bump on your exp/rate.

Script Compatibility
iBot to WindBot Converter allows you to use your old iBot scripts. Load, setup and run, simple as that!

Big Profit
Our Looting System reaches 100% of accuracy in most hunting scenarios, making your hunt extremely efficient!

Stunning HUDs
HUD system runs very fast and lets you draw all kinds of things.

Zero CPU Usage
Combining WindBot with Wind Client Addons you will be able to run multiple clients at close to zero CPU usage!