Tibia XenoBot

About XenoBot

Description: XenoBot is a modification of a fully sensitive and ideal for Tibia client, an arsenal of powerful tools. Software that is easy to use, efficient, flexible and very safe, it works perfectly on Windows operating systems and does not cause delays.

Opinion: Well, this bot is really interesting, its integrated designer Tibia client is simply a whore !!! For me, this bot is 100% safe to use it in a global, even if it is injected, it has not been proved that the injection bots are actually more detectable than simulating keyboard and mouse, I use it in my developers a lot of time ...

only one was banned for abusing a lot of playing time, but this .... this is humanly impossible for a player to remain online 24/7 frantically, I personally recommend the use of this excellent bot, but do not forget to use sparingly.